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     AndeanLawyers was established thinking in the needs of those companies and organizations doing business in the Telecommunications / ICT sector with an emphasis in a regional scope. Most laws and regulations governing ICT matters in the  LatAm Region have more common elements than distinctive ones.  In particular, the countries of the Andean Region, Central America and Mercosur have entered into sub-regional trade agreements in the area of services, which include ICT.   

    We offer a unique service due to the following key elements that characterize our practice: 

Enhancing Local Counsel's expertise: Our mission is to provide legal and regulatory services that most traditional in-country law firms are not used to offer -- this is dedicated ICT legal expertise with an immediate and effective regional scope throughout LatAm.  Thus, we do not compete with in-country law firms; we rather provide a complementary and fine-specialized consulting service working in alliance with at least one local-law firm in each country where our services are required.

LatAm focus: our practice is concentrated in matters related to Latin America ICT law and regulations.  We take advantage of our expertise to serve our clients in the most efficient way with a full reach of that trade area.

Specialization:  we only serve a very specific sector of the global economy - the ever-growing ICT area, which includes, among others, Telecommunications, broadband, Internet, e-Commerce, and New Media.

Combined Expertise: our abogados (Latin derived word used in Latin America for lawyer) are experienced in the civil system of law governing most countries of LatAm. Likewise, most of our legal consultants have graduated from legal studies and working experience in countries governed by the common law system, mainly in the United States. 

  We focus our practice in the following areas: 

  • Corporate and Regulatory Compliance
  • Telecommunications Law and Regulations
  • Satellite Regulations
  • Internet & New Media
  • ICT Public Policy



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