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Rene Adrian Bustillo
Abogado, M.S. 

La Paz, Bolivia 

Email: rab@andeanlawyers.com
Phone: +59 1 772-227722
Summary: an expert in telecommunications/ICT public policy and regulations with a 35+ years professional career. His most recent work as advisor in the public policy arena include co-drafting the new Telecom/ICT Act for Bolivia, designing the regulatory strategy for ICE in Costa Rica, privatization of MoldTelecom in Moldova, strategy for migrating to a convergent regulator in Colombia and other Latin American countries, development of open-access regulatory tools in Sierra Leone, spectrum harmonization in the Caribbean, auction design for the 700MHz band in Peru, development of cross-border regulations for East and South African countries, and technical advice for the Afghanistan regulator.
Earlier in his public service career he worked at several posts at SITTEL (Bolivia’s top Telecom Regulatory Authority) as its Chairman where he achieved several accomplishments during his tenure, including restructuring of SITTEL and certification of regulatory processes through ISO 9001:2000, Electromagnetic Spectrum reorganization, Multicarrier implementation, settlement of disputes among operators, carried out successful auction processes for new services and mobile, launched ENTEL’s Internet Services nationwide, participated in ENTEL’s privatization process and was instrumental in restructuring the largest Bolivian fixed-line operator (COTEL) from bankruptcy though intervention.
He is also an engineer and  in such capacity worked for NASA’s Space Shuttle and Space Station Programs and Systems Development Chief  for Control Systems Engineering and also as Data Networks Manager for ENTEL-Bolivia 
He works in Spanish and English.
Mr. Bustillo holds dual citizenship (Bolivia and United States).
 - ICT Public Policy
-  Strategic Planning of Public Sector Reform
Telecommunications Law and Regulations


- University of Houston (Master of Science, 1986)
- Utah State University (B.S. in Electrical Engineering, 1983)
- Universidad  “Franz Tamayo” (Abogado, 2002)

Bar Info:

    Admitted to practice in Bolivia (2003)

    see Professional Biography

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