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Dominican Republic -- Public Policy -- May-2018:  Indotel calls for Project Proposals related to the Telecommunications Development Fund -- 2019-2020 Biannual Plan.

  Peru--- Satellite Regulationss:Abr-20188:  Supreme Court rules that satellite capacity provided in-country by non-domiciled satellite operators or resellers is subject to income tax withholding.

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Enhancing Local Counsel's expertise

AndeanLawyers' mission is to provide legal and regulatory services that most traditional in-country law firms are not used to offer -- this is dedicated ICT legal expertise with an immediate and effective regional scope throughout Latin America.  Thus, we do not compete with in-country law firms; we rather provide a complementary and fine specialized consulting service working in alliance with at least one local-law firm in each country where our services are requested.

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Balancing Local & International expertise

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